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Moving Tips

Terrific Moving Tips

Moving can be fun, when you have the facts.

Let's face it, moving is no fun, but it can be when you have the facts. Statistically, it ranks up there with death, divorce and renovation as one of the most stressful and frustrating events in one's life. Here are some major tips to make that over the top moving experience, manageable, if not pleasureable.

1. Start Packing Early

If you know you'll be moving, start packing things daily. Pack a box a day, it will keep the doctor away! You'll feel less stressed, and won't be overwhelmed two days before move day that you haven't done it all. Pack the things that are easy to pack, like books, cd's, linens, and things you don't use on a daily basis. And remember, don't panic, every professional moving company can pack up what you didn't finish.

2. Let the Professional Movers Pack the Breakables

You probably don't know this, but when professional movers pack breakables they're insured for their work, you're not. If any damage occurs that the movers did and they packed the box, it's insured. Besides, it's tough packing glassware and china. Your choices are many - "do i use bubble, or paper, do i use bubble and paper," who knows? The mover knows. And in new york the moving company is not allowed to charge you for bubble wrap or paper when they are packing your boxes!

5. If You Can Afford It, Get the Movers to Unpack

Get the movers to unpack your breakables, place them in the closet and get rid of the debris. And if you really can afford it, get them to unpack everything and put your things in place. It will save you days of work that no doubt you can spend in more pleasurable ways.

6. Have a Bottle of Wine on Hand

To make moving fun on move day, be sure to have a bottle of wine or champagne on hand, and a few glasses ready - to celelbrate your new home, and that you're done with the move!

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