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Flat Rate Moving New Jersey

Welcome to Green Line Moving Corp’s flat rate section. We are a local New Jersey based moving company. We are licensed, insured and fully bonded. Located in New Jersey Green Line moving corp provides residential and commercial moving service. We are a full service moving company with state of the art fleet capable of handling any sort of move you may need. Green Line Moving Corp is a customer oriented moving company providing you a service as per your request.

Flat Rate Moving New Jersey

Green Line Moving Corp offers hourly rate and flat rate estimates for your New Jersey move. Our quote / estimate process is extremely simple. All you have to do is navigate to online estimates page and fill out your move details and we respond back with an hourly rate or flat rate. Now the question is which moves qualify for hourly rate and which moves qualify for flat rate? For moves where there is not enough information, we cannot estimate the time we will spend for the move, hence for such moves we offer hourly rate. For the moves we have all the information, we offer flat rates because we know exactly what has to be moved. Unlike other moving companies in NJ, we offer flat rates based on information you send in writing. We do not ask you to go through painful process of setting up appointments or sending us visuals.

Whats included in flat rate moving?

Green Line Moving Corp provides top notch moving service. Whether you sign up for an hourly rate or a flat rate move, we will offer the same service for both of the quotes. With every move we provide disassembly / assembly service, packing and wrapping of furniture items to protect from damages and scratches. Our movers arrive on the time we decide and will stick to the estimate / rate we agree upon. Our flat rates are valid for apartment, home or commercial moves.

Why Green Line Movers, NJ?

Green Line Moving Corp is a local New Jersey company, who understands all the roads network and safest and quickest routes from one destination to the other. We are local, licensed and insured offering quotes / estimates as per your requirements. If you decide to go with flat rate for your New Jersey move, you can be sure of the price and you don’t have to worry about the price change. Flat rates are valid for the list of items you provide, if you fail or forget to mention some of the items for a flat rate, the price is adjusted on moving day based on the additional items you have. Our experienced crew takes great care of your belongings, be it a residential or commercial move. Our estimate process is extremely quick. All you have to do is send us your details through our online estimates page and we will get back to you with an estimate page. Green Line mover’s quality of service is one of the best among moving companies in NJ. For more details call us at: (973)-362-5736

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